Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I will likely be interviewing...

...one of these two men in the near future. Which is cool.

Unfortunately for the Oiler fan in me, it won't be the guy with the "C" on his jersey. Which is, of course, less cool.

What would you ask Theo Fleury?


Blogger shep said...

what was german titov like?

1/11/2011 12:09 pm  
Blogger shep said...

what kind of stats were the coaching staff talking about?

what does he think of 24/7?

how was håkan loob in the room?

whats his view on enforcers?

1/11/2011 12:13 pm  
Blogger shep said...

do players believe in chance and regression to the mean?

1/11/2011 12:15 pm  
Blogger Chappy said...

Remember when you caught a high stick against Dallas, and you bled all over your sweater and the refs made you get another one - and a fan passed a Fleury sweater to you but it had autographs all over it, so you had to go get another one anyway?

1/11/2011 1:29 pm  
Blogger Showerhead said...

Thanks guys.

Is the fan sweater thing true? Kind of a funny story - I wonder what Google and YouTube can find for me.

1/15/2011 3:21 pm  
Blogger Chappy said...

Fan sweater story is 100% true. There's a few things I think of when I think Fleury, but that's always the first one.

1/19/2011 6:35 pm  
Blogger Showerhead said...

Snuck that one in there. The answer basically just explained what happened but I think I got a couple laughs out of him. I'm not in journalism, nor have I ever interviewed anyone before, but I might post a link eventually if folks are ok with that so you can gently suggest how to improve :)

1/25/2011 8:54 am  
Blogger Robert Vollman said...

Ask him why the Flames cut him last year, and what would have happened if they hadn't.

2/01/2011 1:11 pm  
Blogger Kent W. said...

Apropos of nothing, is there any way for me to get a hold of Vic Ferrari? I have a project I want to run by him.

If that's possible Vic, let me know at kent.wilson@Gmail.com.

2/22/2011 5:21 pm  

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